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Distilled liquor

Of or pertaining to any alcoholic beverage obtained by distillation from wine, fermented fruit or plant juice, or from various cereal grains that have first been brewed.

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Distilled liquor


Beverages; Distilled liquor

One of the world’s finest brandies, alongside Cognac. Armagnac comes from the region of Gascony. It is distilled only once at a relatively low temperature, leaving more flavoring elements and ...


Beverages; Distilled liquor

Considered the finest of all brandies, and comes from the town of Cognac in southwestern France. It is distilled from grapes (primarily the Trebbiano grape) and is distilled twice immediately ...


Beverages; Distilled liquor

A dry apple brandy from France’s Normandy region, considered to be the finest apple brandy in the world. It is distilled twice in a pot still, then aged in Limousin oak casks for at least one year, ...


Beverages; Distilled liquor

A sweet, almond flavored liqueur which originated in Italy.


Beverages; Distilled liquor

Malt is essentially barley which has been allowed to germinate by soaking in water then has been dried by the application of heat. The malting process converts the stored starch into soluble ...

Grain whisky

Beverages; Distilled liquor

Indicates by contrast that the raw material is unmalted barley, wheat or maize produced as a continuous process in a column still. There are eight grain distilleries in Scotland (an older source ...

Single malt

Beverages; Distilled liquor

This indicates that the whisky was made in only one distillery and has not been blended with any other product from elsewhere. It may however contain whisky from several production batches over a ...

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