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The final termination of a marriage by canceling all legal duties and responsibilities of the marriage and dissolving matrimony bonds between the parties.

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divorce ceremony

Personal life; Divorce

A formal ceremony to officially end a marriage by exchanging divorce vows and returning the wedding rings. As divorce becomes more common, a divorce ceremony can provide people involved with a sense ...


Personal life; Divorce

The party against whom an action is filed. In divorce cases, this person is typically referred to as the respondent.


Personal life; Divorce

Also called maintenance or support. A set amount of money paid from one divorced spouse to another to help the lesser-earning spouse maintain a certain standard of living. Alimony is most common in ...


Personal life; Divorce

Formal ending of a marriage through legal means while both parties are still alive.

Deferred compensation package

Personal life; Divorce

This includes all retirement assets, such as pension, 401K's, IRA's, and any variety of saving or postponed income which has been earned during the marriage.

Contempt of court

Personal life; Divorce

The deliberate failure to comply with the orders or directives of the Court.


Personal life; Divorce

Failure to respond in the prescribed manner within a given period of time. The Respondent in a Petition for Dissolution is said to be in default if he or she failed to respond within a set period of ...

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