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Fighting games

Games focused on a player fighting against the AI or another human player.

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Fighting games

Barra de super

Video games; Fighting games

Geralmente é localizada na parte de baixo da tela.Quando ela se enche,o lutador tem acesso a um golpe super especial.

Barra de energia

Video games; Fighting games

Ela representa a vida do lutador,quando vazia, ele é derrotado. A barra pode se esvaziar mais lentamente com defesas.

Personagem secreto

Video games; Fighting games

Um personagem que não esta acessivel no começo do jogo,e prescisa que o jogador cumpra condições especiais para liberar.

Finishing move

Video games; Fighting games

An extremely powerfull attack,that can only be used with a full Super Bar and/or low health,depending on the game.


Video games; Fighting games

A character,generally non playable,that is the last opponent on a fighting game. Example,Bison from Street Fighter.


Video games; Fighting games

A continuous stream of attacks on a blocking opponent that does not allow them to initiate any attacks of their own. Combined with mix-ups, the intention is to eventually successfully connect with ...


Video games; Fighting games

A system that determines which attack "wins" in the cases that both players attack each other at the same time. A high priority attack will nullify the lower priority attack and execute ...

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