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General seafood

Of or pertaining to food that has an aquatic natural habitat.

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General seafood


Seafood; General seafood

A Japanese dish consisting of rice, fish eggs and squid. While a traditional ikki-don dish serves the squid in slices, odori-don serves the squid fresh and whole. This means that gourmands can pour ...


Seafood; General seafood

Padek is salty fish which has been kept in a jar for at least six months before it's served. Padek is a very typical Lao food and cooking which is commonly found in almost every Lao dishes.


Seafood; General seafood

Water, wine or other liquid over hot cooking vapors. Your favorite spices, fish is a good idea, then it is not enough with a steamer basket in each region room lie flat space. After 10 minutes check ...


Seafood; General seafood

Crustaceans highly prized for their rich and flavorful meat. The meat has less saturated fat and calories than many cuts of beef and pork, making it one of the leanest proteins available. It's widely ...

Crab legs

Seafood; General seafood

A favourite of our guests, this delicious treat lets you crack and eat the sweet, firm meat. They're as fun as they are delicious.

King crab

Seafood; General seafood

The largest variety of crab in the world. It can weigh up to 25 pounds.


Seafood; General seafood

A flatfish from the North Pacific and North Atlantic with a sweet, mild white flesh that's ideal for a wide variety of preparations.

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