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Investment banking

Of or relating to the business of underwriting, or acting as the client's agent, in the issuance of securities in order to assist an individual, commercial enterprise, corporation or government instution ro raise capital.

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Investment banking

good delivery

Banking; Investment banking

Stipulation in purchase and sale contracts that the precious metals, securities or merchandise delivered must meet the general delivery conditions of the market. The most widely accepted standard for ...

consolidated balance sheet

Banking; Investment banking

A balance sheet showing the financial condition of a corporation and its subsidiaries.

secondary centre

Banking; Investment banking

Location where the Swiss National Bank is not represented by its own bank offices, agencies or correspondent banks.

premium deal

Banking; Investment banking

Special type of forward or option deal in which the buyer or seller can withdraw from concluding the transaction by paying a premium agreed upon in advance. In Switzerland, only buyers may withdraw. ...

securities lending and borrowing

Banking; Investment banking

Abbreviation SLB. The lending of securities for an indefinite or definite period of time against collateral and against payment of a commission. This form of financial transaction is especially ...

safe deposit box

Banking; Investment banking

Also: safe. Lockable deposit box which is located in the vault of a bank and can be leased out to customers. See also vault, night safe.


Banking; Investment banking

Accounting term for everything a company owns that has monetary value, i.e. as shown in the balance sheet (liquid assets, receivables, property, plant and equipment, investments in associates, etc). ...

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