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Misc restaurant

Any miscellaneous terms that pertain to restaurants.

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Misc restaurant


Restaurants; Misc restaurant

This is the person in charge of clearing, cleaning and resetting the tables in the dining area. Bussers are also in charge of removing dishes from tables as guests progress through their courses to ...

buy one get one (BOGO)

Restaurants; Misc restaurant

A sales practice in which the customer buya one item at full price and receive a second one for free.


Restaurants; Misc restaurant

An alcoholic beverage brewed from MALT and HOPS. It's usually stronger and, because of the hops, more bitter than BEER. The color can vary from light to dark amber.

toxic material/ toxic chemical

Restaurants; Misc restaurant

A chemical or material that is capable of causing either acute or chronic health problems. Includes common household cleaners.

Shelf life

Restaurants; Misc restaurant

The amount of time in storage that a product can maintain quality, freshness and edibility.


Restaurants; Misc restaurant

Fired, usually employees are considered sacked after a major screw up,


Restaurants; Misc restaurant

To "sell" a food to a customer.

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