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This category refers to oil as petroleum, a liquid flammable that occurs in nature that has a complex mixture of hydrocarbons and other varying liquid organic compounds. Oil is found in geologic formations under the Earth's surface.

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Military properties

Oil & gas; Oil

Characteristics that combat ships should have: offensive power, protection, speed and autonomy.


Oil & gas; Oil

1 - Anglo-saxon measure of linear unit equivalent to 12 inch or to 30,48 centimeters. 2 - Inferior part of the rudder, the masts and main topmast or stay sails masts.


Oil & gas; Oil

1 - Cable used to connect the ship aground or when victim of an accident to the land or, in case of towing, to connect the two ships, thus allowing the transference of people and light equipment. 2 ...

Fluvio-maritime ports

Oil & gas; Oil

Those that are situated in parts of rivers that are subject to sea tide.

Merchant shipping staff

Oil & gas; Oil

Group made of all those people who perform activities on board national sea craft, in the naval building and fixing dockyards and in seacraft loading and unloading work (RTM, article 318).

Reserve of buoyancy

Oil & gas; Oil

Volume of the part of the ship which is above the fluctuation line when at full lading, which can be covered by the water.

Trundle truck

Oil & gas; Oil

A kind of low car, with a low skid mounted on four wheels, used for the transport of heavy sling volumes. 2 - Square rock, with a plain surface, which is moved on sand, on the deck of the ship, at ...

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