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Plastic injection molding

Plastic injection molding is the primary process for manufacturing plastic parts used in consumer goods such as computer keyboards, monitors, bottle caps, cups and solid plastic articles. Plastic is known to be a very versatile and economical material that is used in many applications. Injection molding involves taking plastic in the form of pellets or granules and heating this material until a melt is obtained. Then the melt is forced into a split-die chamber/mold where it is allowed to "cool" into the desired shape. The mold is then opened and the part is ejected, at which time the cycle is repeated.

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Plastic injection molding

flash gate

Manufacturing; Plastic injection molding

Wide gate extending from a runner which runs parallel to an edge of a molded part along the parting line of a mold.


Manufacturing; Plastic injection molding

An objectionable coating gradually formed on metal surfaces of molds during processing of plastics due to extraction and deposition of some ingredient such as pigment, lubricant, stabilizer or ...

biocides & fungicides

Manufacturing; Plastic injection molding

Additives that are used to inhibit the growth and colonization of fungus, bacteria, and other pests.


Manufacturing; Plastic injection molding

Compression, and the inclusion of scratching material resistance.

clamping force

Manufacturing; Plastic injection molding

The force applied on the mold to keep it closed, in opposition to the fluid under pressure of compressed molding material within the mold cavity and runner system.

Sprue gate

Manufacturing; Plastic injection molding

A passageway through which melt flows from the nozzle to the mould cavity.


Manufacturing; Plastic injection molding

A plastic pre- shaped part produced by injection moulding systems in the first step of a two-stage injection moulding and blow moulding process used to produce bottles or containers. The preform is ...

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