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2D shooters in the vein of Space Invaders. Short for Shoot 'em Up.

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arcade mode

Video games; Shmups

The "normal" version of the game. Usually identical to the version found at arcades, or with a few minor tweaks.

Counter stop

Video games; Shmups

When a player achieves a score higher than the game can count or display. A very rare achievement that is generally only possible in older games due to hardware limitations.


Video games; Shmups

The weakpoint of an enemy. Bosses in particular may be invulnerable to all attacks other than those that hit their core. The term was popularised by the Gradius series.

Bullet pattern

Video games; Shmups

A specific formation of bullets generated by one or more enemies. Bosses in particular may have very complex bullet patterns (especially in Bullet Hell style games) that are arranged for their ...

Credit feed

Video games; Shmups

To use the continue function many times over to reach the end of a game. The term originates from arcades where performing this technique would require continually putting money into the arcade ...

Crowd control

Video games; Shmups

When a player handles the popcorn enemies on the screen in some way, often by simply firing at them.


Video games; Shmups

A word of Japanese origin that refers to a large screen-filling barrage of bullets being fired at the same time.

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