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Collections of related web pages pointed by unique IP addresses.

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filter bubble

Internet; Websites

The principle that online users are increasingly living in a bubble that echoes their own opinions. This is because search results from sites like google tailor results based on your previous search ...


Internet; Websites

Grooveshark is an international online music search engine, music streaming service and music recommendation web software application, allowing users to search for, stream, and upload music that can ...

dark web

Internet; Websites

The dark web refers to the obscure corners of the web, where users interact with websites on the Internet hidden away from the watchful eye of authorities. Usually, these sites are guarded by ...


Internet; Websites

The general vision pattern that users reading websites will follow. Upon first coming to a text-heavy site, they will scan horizontally across the top line of the content. Next, they will shift focus ...

Responsive website

Internet; Websites

A website designed with the intention of providing an optimised user experience independent of the browser used to access it. CSS is used for example, to make a website function well across PC ...


Internet; Internet communication

A pin or (PIN) is ostensibly a personal identification number, although for our usage a string is also valid. The pin is composed of a name and value pair that is captured from a referring URL and ...


Internet; Websites

A group of web pages that provide information to visitors requesting that information. These pages are generally grouped under one main Internet IP address (URL).

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