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Bahiranga trataka

Fitness; Yoga

Concentrating the attention (gaze) upon an external object such as a candle flame.

Bhramari pranayama

Fitness; Yoga

Breathing practise in which a soft "humming-bee" sound is produced during exhalation to stimulate the ajna chakra


Fitness; Yoga

Literally meaning circle or wheel, in yoga this refers to the energy centres lying along the confluence of the nadis (energy channels)?


Fitness; Yoga

Psychic space in front of the closed eyes, just behind the forehead.

Chin mudra

Fitness; Yoga

Hand gesture in which the first finger is kept at the root of the thumb, the last three fingers are unfolded.


Fitness; Yoga

A posture in which organs and muscles are contracted to create energy lock in a specific area.

Bhagvad gita

Fitness; Yoga

A part of the famous hindu epic 'mahabharata'. Teachings of lord krishna to his disciple arjuna at the commencement of the battle of kurukshetra, with explanations on sannyasa yoga, karma yoga, ...

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