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A list of social work terms which may help translators and social workers. Terms which are rare to be found in a general dictionary

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-the paid professional activity that aims to assist people in overcoming serious difficulties in their lives by providing care,protection or counselling or through social support, advocacy and ...

Domain: Psychology; Politics; Category: Social psychology; Political science

The ctc aims to create a seamless system of income related support for families with children. For the first time all social security benefits (except child benefit) and tax credits that incorporate ...

Domain: Government; Politics; Category: UK government; Political science

A process whereby a defendant can complain about and seek remedy for a court decision that he or she considers unjust. In criminal cases in England and Wales, appeals against conviction or sentence ...

Domain: Politics; Category: Political Science

(ASW)approved social worker- the specially qualified social worker who must by law be involved in the decision to detain a person comopulsorily in a psychiatric hospital.The approved social worker ...

Domain: Psychology; Category: Social psychology

Arnstein's ladder -a way of mapping out the different degrees of a participation by local residents ad users in the services or community projects that affect them.The tool literally uses the shape ...

Domain: Psychology; Category: Social psychology

Empowerment-any process whereby those lacking, comparatively, in power become or are helped to become more powerful.The acquisition of power thought appropriate to them as citizens,consumers or ...

Domain: Sociology; Category: Social sciences standardization

Exceptional leave to remain -leave to remain in the UK for a limited period, usually between one and four years.Asylum seekers who are refused refugee status may be given "exceptional leave to ...

Domain: Politics; Category: Political Science

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