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A list of social work terms which may help translators and social workers. Terms which are rare to be found in a general dictionary

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A teacher in every maintained school who is responsible for all the children identified as having special educational needs(sen). Under the special educational needs code of practice, the special ...

Domain: Education; Category: Teaching

Young offender institution (YOU)is a custodial institution for young offenders aged 12 to 17 that is intended to keep them separate from adult offenders and provide a rehabilitative environment. With ...

Domain: Legal services; Law enforcement; Category: Legal aid (criminal); Crime & punishment

Zero tolerance is a theory of policing that emphasises the need to deal with all criminal offences and incivility, however trivial, first, to convey a principled position that crime ought not to be ...

Domain: Legal services; Government; Category: Criminal; Government & politics

Emergency protection order (EPO) is an order under section 44 of the Children Act allowing a local authority social worker ( or a National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children officer) ...

Domain: Psychology; Government; Category: Social psychology; Police

Emergency duty team is a team of local authority social workers providing social work services when offices are closed overnight, at weekends and during holidays. Generally the team covers a large ...

Domain: Politics; Psychology; Law enforcement; Category: Political science; Social psychology; Police

Educational psychologist is a teacher with additional qualifications in psychology, responsible for conducting a statutory assessment of special education needs to determine whether a child with ...

Domain: Education; Category: Special education

Education social work or education welfare is a form of social work that supports the education of vulnerable and marginalised pupils and combats social exclusion. Education social work is one of the ...

Domain: Education; Category: Child care services

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