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paintings of hindagala raja maha vihara

This is also very ancient temple in Sri Lanka.The outer facade of the cave is plastered and ornamented with paintings of the early 20th century, with the life events of the Buddha and scenes of evil-doers born in hells being tortured on the "Katu Imbula" (thorny tree) and Lohakumba (pouring melted metal into mouths).

The names of the artists are on the upper part of the wall over the main doorway. One of these names also appear on lion-headed stone lamp in the courtyard of the shrine, with the date, Buddhist Era 2461 (1917 AD). The oldest paintings are below the drip-legend is non-readable. The present shrine has an outer verandah with timber upright, beams and a tiled roof, with paintings dating from the last 100 years. The older paintings are inside the cave; facing the east is the recumbent statue of the Buddha, enclosed by thick walls.

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