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Any beverage made by the infusion, decoction or percolation of roasted and then ground coffee beans (the seeds of the coffee plant).

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Haitian coffee

Beverages; Coffee

The best coffees from Haiti are low-acid, medium-bodied, and rich in flavor.

Viennese roast

Beverages; Coffee

A light dark roast, darker than American Roast, considered the most common specialty roast.

Guatemalan coffee

Beverages; Coffee

Guatemalan coffees are characteristically rich, spicy and full-bodied. The best Guatemalan coffees are Antigua and Coban.


Beverages; Coffee

This straight coffee from Venezuela includes Tachira and Cucuta coffees, which resemble Colombian coffees. In contrast, Merida stands out for its light body and sweetness.

Greek coffee

Beverages; Coffee

Is made by boiling finely ground coffee and water together in an ibrik, whic is a long-handled, open, brass or copper pot. When done, it is poured directly into tiny demitasse cups, along with the ...

vacuum filter method

Beverages; Coffee

A method of brewing coffee in which the brewing water is drawn down through the ground coffee by means of a vacuum.

Guatemala Antigua

Beverages; Coffee

Considered the best Guatemalan coffee, it has a complex flavor with a hint of cocoa.

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