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Corporate communications

Terms related to companies' efforts to communicate with their customers, staff and the world.

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Corporate communications

copy date

Communication; Corporate communications

The date by which a publication or medium requires copy.

channel noise

Communication; Corporate communications

Confusion caused as a result of several messages trying to be delivered at one time.

demographic, economic, social, technological, ecological, and political analysis (DESTEP)

Communication; Corporate communications

A general analysis of macro factors that may impinge upon an organization's business and operations.

influencer stake

Communication; Corporate communications

This is when the interest or influence of an individual or group on an organization is one associated with raising public awareness of influencing public opinion on the organization's decisions and ...

communication audit

Communication; Corporate communications

A systematic survey of members of a target audience - often members of the media or potential customers - to determine awareness or reaction to a message about a product, service or company.

acceptance strategy

Communication; Corporate communications

When an organization accepts responsibility for a crises.

Consumer advisory

Communication; Corporate communications

A statement issued by a governmental agency, a public body, an industrial firm or even an individual, meant to inform consumers about the safety or advisability of use of a certain product or ...

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