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Food (other); Grains

A Jewish potato pancake that is deep-fried or baked. Sometimes meat (primarily beef) or other ingredients are encased in its outer dough.


Food (other); Grains

A round, flat, crispbread that ranges from about 6 to 14 inches in diameter. Also known as Armenian Cracker Bread.


Food (other); Grains

A wide, flat pasta noodle with a ruffled or plain edge. Also a dish prepared using the lasagna noodle with various cheeses, and a tomato sauce. A meat is sometimes included. The plural of lasagna is ...


Food (other); Grains

Long, narrow, flat pasta noodles that are sometimes called flat spaghetti. Linguine is the Italian word for little tongues.


Food (other); Grains

A noodle made from semolina and water. Most are tube-shaped, but twists and ribbons are available too. Popular tube shapes are: elbow (short, curved), mostaccioli (large, diagonally cut), rigatoni ...


Food (other); Grains

A powder made by germinating, drying, and grinding grains. Enzymes are added during the process to partially convert the starch to sugar. This creates the sweet-tasting malt used in brewing, ...


Food (other); Grains

A tube-shaped pasta noodle approximately 4 inches long by 1 inch in diameter. Normally stuffed with a cheese or meat mixture, covered with a sauce, then baked before serving.

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