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Herbs & spices

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Herbs & spices

Anise seed

Food (other); Herbs & spices

Spice (whole or ground) Description: Small green-brown, comma-shaped seeds. Member of the parsley family. Sweet licorice flavor. Uses: breads, cakes, candies, cookies, fruit sauces, Southeast Asian ...


Food (other); Herbs & spices

Herb (fresh leaves, or dried and crumbled) Description: Most varieties have green leaves, some purple. Member of the mint family. Sweet, peppery flavor, aromatic. Uses: chicken, eggs, fish, pasta, ...

Bay leaf

Food (other); Herbs & spices

Herb (dried whole leaves) Description: Leaves from the evergreen bay laurel tree. Also called bay laurel or laurel leaf. Earthy, woodsy, pungent aroma. Uses: Meats, pickling, sauces, soups, garam ...


Food (other); Herbs & spices

Herb (fresh leaves) Description: European herb with hairy leaves. Faint cucumber flavor. Uses: Salads, teas and vegetables

Bouquet garni

Food (other); Herbs & spices

Herb blend Description: Small bundle of herbs (parsley, thyme and bay leaves make classic combination) tied together or wrapped in a cheesecloth bag and placed in soups and stews to add flavor. ...

Caraway seed

Food (other); Herbs & spices

Spice (dried whole seeds) Description: Seeds from an herb in the parsley family, Nutty, licorice flavor, familiar rye bread flavor. Uses: Breads, cheese spreads, pickling, vegetables, cabbage, and ...

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