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A form of marketing that aims to persuade an audience to feel a certain way about products and services.

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Marketing; Advertising

loyalty to a brand or company

Product life cycle management

Marketing; Advertising

Product life cycle management is the succession of strategies used by management and as a product goes through its product life cycle. This can be divided into four stages: market introduction stage, ...

Advertising allowances

Marketing; Advertising

To advertise a specific product or brand manufacturer for the purpose of giving money to the distribution companies. "co-op advertising".

Prestige advertising

Marketing; Advertising

Advertising designed to enhance the prestige of the company or the products or services of the company.

Volume segmentation

Marketing; Advertising

The division of a market into segments on the basis of the varying volume of demand for the product by individuals, groups or types of customers; typically, the segments are ranked to denote heavy ...

Money authority need (MAN)

Marketing; Advertising

M.A.N. or MAN is an acronym used in selling for qualifying new prospects. It stands for money, authority and need. Does the prospect have the Money to pay? (M) Does the prospect have the Authority ...


Marketing; Advertising

A voice over is a commentary heard on a TV advertisement, but spoken by an off-screen announcer.

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