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The process of preparing food, usually with heat.

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greaseproof paper

Culinary arts; Cooking

Semitransparent paper with a thin coating of wax on both sides. Because of its moistureproof and nonstick characteristics, greaseproof paper used to play a major role in the kitchen for duties such ...


Culinary arts; Cooking

Native to South America, this egg-shaped fruit is also known as a tree tomato. Although not yet widely accepted in the United States, the tamarillo is very popular in South and Central America, the ...


Culinary arts; Cooking

Thick buckwheat noodles. See also pasta.

dried tomatoes

Culinary arts; Cooking

Sometimes referred to as sun-dried tomatoes, these shriveled-looking tomato pieces boast an intense flavor and chewy texture. They're available packed in olive oil or dry. Follow recipe directions ...


Culinary arts; Cooking

A hazelnut-flavored liqueur enhanced with a secret formula of flower and berry essences.

Elbo cheese

Culinary arts; Cooking

A particularly mild-flavored samsoe cheese with irregular, Swisslike holes. See also cheese.

cheese wire

Culinary arts; Cooking

A long, thin wire with wooden handles at each end, used to cut large rounds or wedges of cheese.

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