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Fish processing


Fishing; Fish processing

The term is used in a number of contexts. It refers to the removal of frost from a cooler to improve heat transfer, e.g. From a cooling coil. It is used to describe the heating of plates in a contact ...

aerobic plate count, standard plate count (spc)

Fishing; Fish processing

A frequently performed microbiological count. It is the number of bacteria growing on a non-specific solid bacteriological growth medium under the specified conditions. A sample of product is blended ...

intrinsic quality

Fishing; Fish processing

In the context of fishery products, the quality of the fish at the time of capture or harvesting. It will include attributes such as species, size, condition, composition, (especially fat content), ...

individual quick freezing (IQF)

Fishing; Fish processing

The quick freezing of fish products, e.g. Fillets, in such a manner that each unit of product remains separate when frozen, in contrast to a frozen block of product (e.g. Laminated block). For ...


Fishing; Fish processing

A chemical with a characteristic pungent, irritating, odour. Has the chemical formula NH3. It is a gas at normal ambient temperatures and pressures, but can be liquefied by pressure. The change ...


Fishing; Fish processing

A group of gram negative, lactose fermenting, bacteria characterised operationally by ability to grow in specified culture media under specified conditions rather by any taxonomic considerations. The ...


Fishing; Fish processing

A refrigerant suitable for contact with food and used to freeze fish especially by spraying or by immersion.

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