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Ice cream


Dairy products; Ice cream

An ice cream brand owned by Unilever. In different countries, like Iran, it is also known by the name Salar. First launched in 1994, it is an ice cream covered with a fruit puree. In Australia, ...

cone cleavagel

Dairy products; Ice cream

The seductive "V" of our home-based waffle cones.


Dairy products; Ice cream

A sugar, most commonly in the shape of dextroglucose, that occurs naturally, has about half the sweetening authority of regular sugar and does not crystallise easily. Glucose comes as of grape juice, ...


Dairy products; Ice cream

A candy made with chocolate, sugar, butter, and milk or cream. Chopped nuts are frequently added to the mixture. Fudge is semi-soft in texture and extremely creamy. Other flavourings could be used ...

Dietary fats

Dairy products; Ice cream

Fats are referred to in the plural because there is no one kind of fat. Fats are calm of the same three elements as carbohydrates-carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, However, fats have comparatively more ...

Fat replacers

Dairy products; Ice cream

Fat replacers are urbanised to duplicate the taste and texture of fat, but contain fewer calories per gramme than fat. Fat replacers usually fall into three categories: carbohydrate-, protein- or ...


Dairy products; Ice cream

A type of ice cream sandwich made by Nestlé. It consists of a block of ice cream containing small lumps of chocolate with one end covered in chocolate, and the other sandwiched between two ...

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