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Molecular biology

triple helix

Biology; Biochemistry

The tertiary structure of collagen that twists three polypeptide chains around themselves; also a triple-stranded DNA structure that involves Hoogstein base pairing between B-DNA and a third DNA ...

Golgi apparatus

Biology; Molecular biology

Multilayered orgenelles near the nucleus meant for packaging the materials to transport out of the cell.

Northern blotting

Biology; Molecular biology

The process in which RNA fragments are transferred to a nitrocellulose filter. This process is called as nitro hybridization.


Biology; Molecular biology

A naturally occuring polypeptide consisting of nine amino acids.


Biology; Molecular biology

An enzyme; present in saliva and pancraetic juice is called maltase.


Biology; Biochemistry

The genetically programmed repression of transcription. Silencing may be the net effect of regulatory events that increase transcription and those which repress it (the analogue model), or it may be ...


Biology; Biochemistry

A compound derived from acetyl units donated by acetyl- and/or malonyl-CoA units, assembled into a non-reduced polyketide, i.e. with the carbonyl groups intact, often, then, cross-linked by aldol ...

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