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Used for cooking and seasoning of foods.

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Alkanet root

Culinary arts; Spices

This spice comes from a wild plant; Alkanet root has no taste or flavor, but is used for its deep red color.

Caraway seed

Culinary arts; Spices

Like anise seed, caraway seed also comes from the parsley family, with a nutty flavour to its licorice taste. It is often used in making breads, pickling vegetables, and cheese spreads. Most ...


Culinary arts; Spices

Spice that can been used as a whole pod (about the size of a cranberry), seeds or grounded. Cardamoms are part of the ginger family. It is often used in cakes, cookies, breads, and curries. ...

Anise seed

Culinary arts; Spices

Anise seed can be used whole or grounded. With a sweet, licorice flavoring, anise seed is part of the parsley family. Whole anise seeds are green-brown in coloring, small in size and shaped like a ...


Culinary arts; Spices

Amchoor is a spice that is sour in flavor; it is mostly used in Indian food. Derived from green, sour mango slices that have dried in the sun, amchoor is also called green mango powder.


Culinary arts; Spices

Seasonings that come from the bark, buds, roots, seeds, stems or flower component of plants and trees.


Culinary arts; Spices

It is a dark-brown, pea-size berry. Comes from the evergreen pimento tree.

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