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Any food such as a pie or tart whose crust is made of a baked dough or paste consisting primarily of flour, water and shortening.

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Baked goods; Pastries

Middle Eastern pastry that is often eaten as a dessert, baklava is layered with a flaky crust that is brushed with a honey glaze. The layers are made of phyllo, which are very thin layers of dough. ...

apple pie

Baked goods; Pastries

Although American apple pie is quite common and popular, apple pie originally originated from England. A common apple pie usually uses cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar to add spice to the apple slices in ...

almond tart

Baked goods; Pastries

A tart that is made with almond paste filling.


Baked goods; Pastries

Presumed to be first invented by the Egyptians, pastries usually have a dough crust with a meat, fruit, or jam filling. They are usually flaky or crusty and can be savory or sweet.

almond croissant

Baked goods; Pastries

A sweet pastry that is commonly dusted with confectioners' sugar, almond croissants have an almond paste filling and are decorated with sliced almonds.

pumpkin pie

Baked goods; Pastries

Pumpkin pie is often categorized as a "soft" pie because of its unbaked crust and uncooked filling. A pumpkin pie's filling generally consists of pumpkin puree, eggs, milk, sugar and spices.


Baked goods; Pastries

An authentic and tradition Chinese pastry typically eaten during Chinese celebrations, particularly Mid-Autumn Festival, which is always held on the fifteeth day of the eighth month according to the ...

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