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Heat-treated yoghurt

Dairy products; Yoghurt

Yoghurt that is pasteurised (heated) after healthy bacteria is added, which decreases nutrient content because the heat kills the live culture, de-activating lactase while increasing the yoghurt's ...


Dairy products; Yoghurt

Yoghurt beverage that is made from beaten plain yoghurt that is diluted with water. Salt, mint or cucumber bits can be added. Doogh is also available in carbonated form.


Dairy products; Yoghurt

Yoghurt beverage made from a yoghurt-water mixture with an addition of salt. Popular in various Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Central European countries.


Dairy products; Yoghurt

Popular summer dish in Europe, specifically Bulgaria; main ingredients include yoghurt base with cucumbers, dill, garlic, oil and water, with light seasoning; served chilled and in soup form. Soup ...

Sundae-style yohurt

Dairy products; Yoghurt

Yoghurt that is packaged with pieces of fruit at the bottom, making it necessary to stir before consumption.


Dairy products; Yoghurt

Also spelled "labaneh" or "labni", this is a strained yoghurt that can be found in various Middle Eastern or Central Asian countries. Depending on the territory, labneh can be made from cow or ...


Dairy products; Yoghurt

(Gujarati) Indian strained yoghurt that can be consumed during a meal as a sweet and chilled side-dish eaten with breads or curries or as a dessert dish. Shrikhand dessert has a creamy consistency ...

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