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Any foodstuff made of flour or meal that has been mixed into a dough or batter, and usually with added leavening agent, and then baked.

Contributors in Bread


all-purpose bleached flour

Baked goods; Bread

White flour with both the bran and germ removed, and then chemically whitened with either chlorine gas or benzoyl peroxide. Usually does not have enough protein that makes the gluten needed to get ...

bean flours

Baked goods; Bread

Bean flours can add both nutrition and flavor to otherwise bland tasting breads.

brewer’s yeast

Baked goods; Bread

A nutritional food produced as a byproduct of the brewing industry. After 5-10 beer fermentations, the yeast is not longer considered acceptable for making beer. The yeast is then dried and processed ...

pigs in a blanket

Baked goods; Bread

A bread with a hotdog or sausage wrapped inside.


Baked goods; Bread

A yeast bread rolled into a long rope and knotted. Pretzel can be hard or soft.

Cuban bread

Baked goods; Bread

Originated from Cuban-American cuisine, Cuban bread is similar to a French or Italian loaf, but consists of a thinner crust and a softer interior and cut into a more rectangular from. Cuban bread is ...

English muffin

Baked goods; Bread

A circular breakfast yeast roll that was traditionally cooked on a griddle.

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