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Below the line advertising (BTL)

Business services; Marketing

A personal and direct method of advertising that targets potential customers through non-traditional means, such as direct email or face to face interaction in a store. This style values cost ...

Through the line advertising (TTL)

Business services; Marketing

Also called Integrated Communication Approach, this method of advertising combines above the line and below the line advertising to build brand image and target quality customers.

Accompanied shopping

Business services; Marketing

Interviewing and observing a shopper while they are in the act of shopping.


Business services; Marketing

All of the methods of communicating with the public, such as advertisement, contests and sales, to encourage the sale of a product.


Business services; Marketing

A limit to the amount of imports on a product, imposed by a country on another country, over a specific period of time.

Regression analysis

Business services; Marketing

A statistical method of determining the relationship of one or more independent variables and a dependent variable.


Business services; Marketing

A business that will break bulk and sell to an end user (customer) for a marginal mark up on price.

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